Modernize and simplify SSAI with high performance cloud technology and complete customer control   

Purpose-Built for

Dynamic Ad Insertion 

The AdSparx integrated server side ad insertion technology solution delivers a seamless mid-roll ad insertion experience that is consistent across web, IP-enabled set-top boxes, tablets and mobile platforms for live/linear and on-demand streaming. Our SSAI solution enhances your Ad Tech and operates as middleware between your existing ad serving and delivery infrastructure,  with an open microservice API design to give you the flexibility to leverage and enhance your existing workflows or architect best-of-breed ad management processes. 

Key capabilities of the AdSparx SSAI solution:


Advanced Cloud-based personalized advertising platform for dynamic ad insertion (DAI) and manifest manipulation


  • Supports DASH, HLS and CMAF video streams

  • VAST 2.0, 3.0 & 4.0 compliant

  • Supports SCTE, ID3, Zixi, API, and proprietary cues/formats

  • Automates Live-to-VOD ad insertion processes

  • Engineered for scale and uptime

  • Dynamic autoscaling to support periodic viewing spikes

  • Quickly add new infrastructure to manage subscriber growth

  • Improves Ad Monetization and CPM

  • Extends Ad Server business rules to include ad splits

  • Pre-fetching / pre-caching of Ads

  • Maintains queue of Ads per user in internal memory to enable higher fill rate

  • Direct integration with Ad exchanges and marketplaces




Compete customer control with intuitive UI and tool set to configure/manage and view/mine data

  Reporting & analytics

  • Real-time statistics on user engagement, ad server performance and key metrics essential for optimizing the revenue from your streams.

  • Admin and user-based permission access

  • Integration with third party analytics platforms

  Configuration Management

  • Point and click to setup & configure streams for ad insertion and ad tags

  • Define ad policies, ad splits, business rules for choosing ad tags on-the-fly

  Performance monitoring & debugging

  • Customer and support team mirrored interface and views

  • Real-time alarms

  • Defined escalation process

  • 24/7/365 availability

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Intelligent software layer for automated commercial detection across Live/Linear and VOD content streams

  • Dynamically detects commercial breaks in live video streams

  • Supervised machine learning system

  • Identifies patterns that differentiates between content and commercials

  • Makes use of empirical information, custom and business rules to further validate ad breaks information

  • Operates in both training and ops mode

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Optional SDK for all popular platforms

  • Handles ad performance tracking and trick-play policy enforcement

  • iOS, Android, HTML5, Roku, and Flash