• Kunal Lagwankar

Why Server Side Ad Insertion is Key to Unlocking Personalized Advertising

TV viewing has evolved where consumers are in control of "what where when" they want to watch content. The paid advertising model needs to evolve with this dynamically changing landscape with a more personalized and contextually relevant experience.

Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) - or also referred to as Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) - is critical to today's ad tech infrastructure to address streaming to an array of fragmented devices. For video service providers - ranging from OTTs, Broadcasters, MVPDs and others - the value proposition is simple. In the world of multiscreen devices, having the ad stitched with content on the server side retains all the complexity on the server side without the publisher having to worry about each handset model or myriad of platforms such as iOS, Android, Roku, HTML 5 and Flash. ANd, the exponential rise of ad blockers further valides the argument in favor of SSAI for DAI.

Problems with legacy client-side ad insertion.

Legacy video ad insertion platforms started off with client-side ad insertion techniques. In this scenario, one call is made for an ad and then another to fetch the content. This results in the notorious "spinning wheel" delay while the ad or content is loading. This leads to a poor viewing experience and often results in viewers simply abandoning the page.

Whereas with SSAI, there is only a single call to the ad server. The ad is stitched to the content in real time on the server side and then streamed to the user. Bye-bye spinning wheel and hello to a more seamless TV-like advertising experience. And since there is just one hit, the ad blocker problem is solved. If the user attempts to block the ad request, this will also result in blocking the content too.

It's never been a better time for SSAI (aka DAI).

Not all technologies are created equal. At AdSparx, we're a team of advertising industry technologists focused on creating simple, flexible and scalable purpose-built SSAI solutions for Live/Linear and On Demand video content. Our Middleware solution enhances your exisitng ad tech infrastructure and workflows that include our patented platform and software toolset that supports dynamic frame accurate ad-insertion for all multi-bitrate adaptive protocols - from the existing HTTP Live and Smooth Streaming to the latest MPEG-DASH. And we realized early on that you also need some smart (dare we say AI) automated video analysis algorithms to detect start and stop of TV commercials to seamlessly replace new ads.

Give us a shout. We can help you optimize your paid advertising environment and unlock the true potential of personalization.

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