• Kunal Lagwankar

Take Control of Personalized Ad Distribution and Monetization

You're a content owner. Does any one of these sound familiar?

"I've got no control over the content distributor's target platforms or publisher portals...Once the content leaves my hands, I've got little control over how to maximize revenue potential."

"I've got no visibility on content-consumption patterns...How can I audit the content distribution data and make smarter decisions?"

"My content is stored on the distributor's infrastructure...There's no way to identify leaks."

With the traditional licensing model, you're unlikely to get the answers and visibility you need to take control and get the visibility you need to make smarter decisions that could lead to harnessing all the true revenue potential.

The better alternative is Content delivered as a Service (CaaS). This puts you, the content owner, in control and allows you to deliver content-on-the-fly with flexible terms based on licensing & revenue monetization parameters (rather than static content delivery with fixed terms) and provides actual on-demand last-mile content distribution data and reports to chart trends and in-depth consumption information.

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CaaS provides last mile in-depth consumption data

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