Traffic Authentication Policy

  • Traffic authentication policy:
    1. We do not allow more than 5 manifest requests from same IP.
    2. Minimum allowed average viewing time from an IP is 60 seconds.
    3. We only allow requests from a set of players, which is either black list or white list, depending on the requirements of the publisher.
    4. We recommend Publishers to have Moat metrics.
  • We understand that a third party may generate invalid traffic on your Video portal without your knowledge or permission.However, ultimately it is your responsibility as the publisher to ensure that the traffic on your ads is valid.
  • If Publisher is sharing the stream on 3rd party portal, we recommend segregating the stream with token authentication.
  • Publishers are highly encouraged to use DRM and user authorization to validate consumption and prevent illegal consumption or generation of Ad traffic.
  • Tighter integration with Publisher User Id that can be used to pass authenticated user information to Ad Server / Market place.

    AdSparx is in-stream server-side dynamic ad insertion platform for OTT providers to serve VAST compliant targeted ads across multi screen platforms. AdSparx can monetize content in all popular adaptive protocols like MPEG-DASH, Smooth Streaming and HLS and works with DRM schemes like Widevine, FairPlay and PlayReady.



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